From the Library of Congress: Becoming Jewish Argentines

In “Becoming Jewish Argentines: Sephardim, Marriage Choice, and the Construction of a Jewish Argentine Identity (1920-1960),” Adriana Brodsky explores the marriage patterns of Argentine Sephardic Jewish communities, paying special attention to when Sephardim began marrying Ashkenazic Jews, thereby giving birth to a new type of Jewish identity, neither fully Ashkenazic nor fully Sephardic, but Argentine. Although initially Sephardim usually married “within,” as the 20th century progressed, and new spaces for interaction of Jews from different origins became available, choosing a marriage partner outside of the group became more common. The presentation suggests that loyalties to communities of origin were slowly superseded by a sense of belonging to the Argentine nation.

Speaker Biography: Adriana M. Brodsky is a professor of history at St. Mary’s College of Maryland and received her Ph.D. at Duke University.

EVENT DATE: 03/01/2012
FORMAT: Video + Captions
RUNNING TIME: 58 minutes
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