Free access for campus users this week to the not-yet-released documentary, “Harper Lee: From Mockingbird to Watchman”

Harper Lee Kanopy Movie

Kanopy and First Run Features are pleased to offer all Kanopy customers (including Binghamton University users) 1 week FREE access to the new release documentary, Harper Lee: From Mockingbird to Watchman. 

The film includes excerpts from Harper Lee’s new novel Go Set a Watchman and sifts through the facts and speculation surrounding Lee and both her novelsThe film will be released nationally next week so all Kanopy customers will have the opportunity to view the film before its official release.

Click here to start watching!

NOTE: Off-campus users will need to use their PODS login information to sign in

To Kill a MockingbirdHarpur Lee and her new book

For more about Harper Lee and her two novels: At Last! Today marks the long anticipated release of “Go Set a Watchman”

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At Last! Today marks the long anticipated release of “Go Set a Watchman”

To Kill a MockingbirdHarper Lee catapulted to literary fame with her single offering, “To Kill a Mockingbird.”  “Mockingbird,” a tale of racial injustice in the Old South, quickly ascended the bestseller list when it was published in 1960, where it spent 88 weeks.

Since then, the novel has sold more than 40 million copies, with reports as recently as last year reflecting sales of over 400,000; speaking not only to the quality, but to the relevance, of this enduring body of work.

Lee, now in her late eighties, retreated from the spotlight after her brilliant success – an unusual move for any “winning” author, no less one honored with a Pulitzer Prize (awarded in 1961). 

Never publishing another novel, Ms. Lee lived her life quietly over the last 50 years. With one exception, an intriguing controversy  in mid-2014, involving a former reporter from the Chicago Tribune and her book about Ms. Lee and her sister Alice.

The bombshell came in late NHarpur Lee and her new bookovember 2014, with the unexpected news that there is indeed another novel from Harper Lee, “Go Set a Watchman,” due for release July 14, 2015.

Although written a year prior to “Mockingbird,” “Watchman” presents the perspective from 20 years later. Here, the character Scout, returns as an adult to reminisce about the racial events with her father, Atticus Finch, as opposed to “Mockingbird,” where she lived (and reflected out) these events with him as a child.

Alice Lee, Harper Lee’s sister, was an attorney who oversaw and advised her famous sister’s interests.  It was only following Alice’s death at 103 in November that the first book, “Go Set a Watchman,” resurfaced – sending the literary world into an unprecedented state of anticipation and excitement over the unusual release.

To learn more about Harper Lee and her two novels, visit the Libraries!



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Digital Collections Access

Due to a technical issue, we are experiencing slow response rates for loading images in several of our digital collections, including the Daniel S. Dickinson Statue Papers, Edwin A. Link, Jr. Digital Archives, Max Reinhardt Archives, and Vera Beaudin Saeedpour Kurdish Library & Museum Collection.  We are diligently working to resolve the technical issue.  We will update the status on our blog once the issue is resolved.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Farewell Susannah Gal: Interim Dean of the Libraries, Colleague and Friend

SusannahSomething about the term “interim” in the context of “Interim Dean of Libraries Susannah Gal,”  just seems wrong. Especially to those who have experienced the sense of ownership and wholehearted dedication she applies to whatever she undertakes.

Indeed, throughout her tenure in the Libraries, Susannah has focused her formidable leadership and people skills on the University Libraries with such intensity of purpose, that not only would most unquestioningly assume that the role of library dean was her chosen profession, but that the future generations of her own family were entirely dependent on the Libraries’ success!

Susannah and Harvey

President Stenger’s somewhat unorthodox selection of a research scientist to fill the interim dean role for the Libraries was innovative, gutsy and right on.

Susannah, in a short time you made a real difference to the Libraries and to our campus – thank you for your contribution and for your friendship, you will be missed.


Wishing you all the best!

Libraries-Group-PhotoBaxter Libraries  Wave


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Libraries Employees Recognized with 2015 Chancellor’s Award for Excellence

Jill Dixon, 2015 Chancellor’s Award Winner for
Excellence in Librarianship
Laurie Kolosky, 2015 Chancellor's Award Winner for Excellence in Classified ServiceLaurie Kolosky, 2015 Chancellor’s Award Winner for
Excellence in Classified Service

The Libraries is proud to announce that Jill Dixon, faculty librarian and director of Public Services; and Laurie Kolosky, senior circulation assistant/library cashier; were each 2015 winners of the

Chancellor’s Award for Excellence!

The official portraits of all award winners will be displayed in the lobby of the Couper Administration building later in the summer and more individual detail about this prestigious recognition will be published in the fall, around the time of the Chancellor’s Award dinner.  However, Jill and Laurie’s many Libraries friends and colleagues couldn’t wait and secured special permission to display the two portraits and to extend their warmest congratulations and gratitude now!

Thank you, Jill and Laurie, for all you do and for representing the Libraries so well and with such professionalism.


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The Libraries Honored with Public Relations Award

The 2015 selection committee of the PR Xchange Awards Competition recently shared the announcement of our win in the category “Materials Promoting Collections” for the Miniature Books Exhibit and Reception.

The PR Xchange competition is sponsored by the Public Relations and Marketing Section (PRMS) of the Library Leadership & Management Association (LLMA).

The annual contest is designed to recognize “the very best public relations materials by produced by libraries” throughout the year.  Contest submissions were evaluated by experts in public relations, communications, graphic design and marketing and were judged on content, design and originality.

Our Power Point entry summarizes information about the collection and includes fun photography from the opening reception:  2015 PR Xchange Award Winner.   Our entry, along with the other winners, will be displayed at the PR Xchange program during this year’s American Library Association Conference, to be held June 25-30th in San Francisco.

Beth Kilmarx, Curator of Rare Books and one of the primary organizers of the Miniature Books Exhibit and Reception, will be in attendance at the conference and will accept the award on behalf of the Libraries. The Libraries is deeply grateful for the support and interest of the campus community and extends special thanks to friends and colleagues who enriched the miniature book experience for all through the generous loan of their own editions!

The award-winning Miniature Books Exhibit will remain on display through the end of July in the Libraries’ Special Collections,  located on the second floor of Bartle Library.

SC FSC Group

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Updated homepage

As a result a recent usability study on the Libraries’ website, we’ve redesigned the tabular search box on our homepage so that key resources and services are more visible.

New tabular search box

New tabular search box







We have also changed the way databases are accessed from the website. The subject browse now directs to the Subject Guides page. You can still search databases by name, browse alphabetically or by subject from the Database A-Z listing.

New databases gateway

New databases gateway

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Benjamin Andrus, not your typical librarian!

Ben SM PostSee why by viewing his recent video, produced as part of the campus series Beyond the Classroom.  

Ben talks about the job, addresses a major myth about Binghamton and encourages students to “get out and explore!”

 Ben’s Beyond the Classroom video

ben dorm outreach

Ben’s role as co-creator of the Library-to-Residence Hall outreach program is just one example of his work as a subject Librarian at Binghamton (specializing in Education & Student Affairs and Sociology -see Subject Guides below).

Recognizing that students are often weak in essential research skills and knowledge of library services, Ben and fellow Librarian Anne Larrivee, collaborated with Residential Life staff to help provide library outreach to the residential communities – thus beginning the Library-to-Residence Hall outreach program at Binghamton.

Surrounded by friends and munching on snacks provided by the RAs, the program encourages student discuss their research assignments and to ask questions about the library and the research process. The open environment offers a comfortable atmosphere without any pressure. Program presentations usually last 15–20 minutes and include a slideshow highlighting Libraries’ services and a live demonstration of some of the core library resources.


Ben’s Subject Guides :Ben

Education & Student Affairs

Library Resources for NYS Residents



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Graduating Student Employee Profile: Emily Eng

Emily Eng lllSC Blog ShotEmily and Crew on River

Meet Emily Eng:  Student Employee, Binghamton University Libraries;  Graduating Binghamton Student (Double Majoring in History and Philosophy, Politics, and Law and Minoring in Business Management, School of Management Adjunct); President of the Binghamton Crew and former Political Intern in the New Jersey Governor’s Office.

Curator of Rare Books and Special Collections Supervisor Beth Kilmarx first met Emily in an undergraduate Latin class in the fall of 2013 and over time,  supervised some of her friends. So last semester, when the opportunity arose, Beth was happy to add Emily to the Libraries’ Special Collections team as a student employee.

The fit seems to have been a good one with supervisor Beth noting that Emily is “an excellent student worker…who pays close attention to detail” and Emily reporting that “…the overall environment truly made me feel comfortable.”

EmilyEmily shares the nature of her work in the Libraries, which has “…mostly been cataloging and for lack of a better word rehousing the Double Oversized books and sorting through a collection that was donated by the [late] Professor Al Dekin.”

For more about former Binghamton Anthropology Chair and Professor Al Dekin, his love of books and the challenges of academic research:
 LibraryLinks (Page 7) and Anthropology Newsletter (Page 3)

In addition to its value to the University, Emily’s work offered her guidance in an important life decision; helping her recognize that “…history is still an area where I might want to start a career in.”  This is significant, she explains because “…coming into senior year, I was faced with two primary career paths… one was in law and the other was as a curator of a museum.”  Her Special Collections experience provided her a realistic “…insight into what it would be like to pursue a career in history” and now she knows that this is “what I would definitely like to try to do…”

When asked for her view as a Libraries insider as to the most important service for students, Emily responds, “as cheesy as it sounds, the most important Libraries’ service for students lies within Special Collections.”  Adding with some surprise that “many students don’t know the collections that lie within the department and how interesting they are!”

Visit the Libraries’ Special Collections soon and see the treasures within for yourself!

  SC FSC Digital Collage

Emily’s post-graduation world remains open she is happy with that.  One can understand why, as her plan is to “… backpack through Europe for a month and then return and hopefully find a job!”  Considering supervisor Beth’s wistful observation “… if I could, I would hire her full time,” finding employment is not likely to be a post-European obstacle for Emily.

Congratulations, Emily!  The faculty and staff of the Libraries thank you for your hard work this semester and wish you all the best as you move into your future life.

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Librarian Anne Larrivee: Focus of this week’s “Beyond The Classroom” video series

Whether working in the Peace Corps. . .


or working in the library at Binghamton . . .

anne larrivee teaching




Anne Larrivee loves to help people.

Hear about this Librarian’s passion in this week’s Beyond the Classroom:

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