Significant Literary Event on Campus Friday


Azar Nafisi
(Photo by SJ Staniski)

“A novel is not an allegory…. It is the sensual experience of another world. If you don’t enter that world, hold your breath with the characters and become involved in their destiny, you won’t be able to empathize, and empathy is at the heart of the novel.
This is how you read a novel: you inhale the experience. So start breathing.” Azar Nafisi


The Libraries is very pleased to share news of this important literary event from  Dateline:

Reading Lolita“Binghamton University celebrates 50 years of offering PhDs with a presentation by Azar Nafisi, best known as the author of the international bestseller Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books. Nafisi will speak on campus at 5 p.m. Friday, Oct. 9, in the Anderson Center Chamber Hall. The talk is free and open to the public.”

For those of you who may not yet have read  Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books, it is available through University Libraries.

The book shares Nafisi’s belief that everyone, even Iranian women, have the right to an education.  This is a human right she bravely supports not only through her words, but  through her actions – conducting classes for women in her own Iranian home.

Republic of the ImaginationThe Dateline article also provides a brief, but enticing  overview of Nafisi’s newest offering The Republic of Imagination: America in Three Books, which we learn has been . . . 

“Praised as the memoir in books that does for America what Reading Lolita did for Iran, this passionate book illustrates the importance of fiction, and especially of active reading, to change people’s lives.”

This new book is featured and available in the University Bookstore (UUW 104).

For the full Dateline article,  go online.

The Libraries offers a wide variety of books and articles from, and about, Author Azar Nafisi  including  Why Americans Love Azar Nafisi,  Vagabond Nation: Becoming a Naturalized American,  The Last Word: Azar Nafisi: Finding Fact Through Fiction,  Culture War: America’s best weapon is the Iranian people and many, many more on this and a variety of related subjects.

As always, contact us for any assistance you may need!


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New Faculty Series: “Putting Information Literacy into Practice”

Campus instructors who use information literacy and information management in their courses may want to take note of this series. . . which has been designed and offered by campus librarians with you in mind!literacy framework 3

Register in advance for:

      • Scholarship as Conversation  (October 7 or 8)
      • Research as Inquiry (November 4 or 5)
      • Authority is Constructed and Contextual (December 9 or 10)
      • Information Creation as a Process (February 10 or 11)
      • Searching as Strategic Exploration (March 16 or 17)
      • Information has Value (April 13 or 14)

Duplicate sessions are offered on Wednesday and Thursday,  select the day that works best for you. 

 All of the workshops will be held from 10:30-11:30 a.m in Bartle Library (Second Floor, Administrative Conference Room, – LS 2504G)


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Friendly reminder that all are invited to Saturday’s special opening event of the Chinese Cultural Experience Center in Bartle Library

Beijing Opera

The Confucius Institute of Chinese Opera plans to celebrate the 2nd Annual Global Confucius Institute Day with the grand opening of its new Chinese Cultural Experience Center in Bartle Library at 2 pm Saturday. All are invited to join us for the opening celebration of this richly ornate cultural event.  In addition to the invitation below, you can learn more about:

    • The opening of the Chinese Cultural Experience Center in Bartle Library;
    • Other celebration activities planned by the Confucius Institute; as well as
    • Information ABOUT the Confucius Institute, and all it has to offer – knowledge sure to enhance your enjoyment of all of the above

 by visiting the Confucius Institute online!

Chinese Cultural Event Sept 2015

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Today is “National Voter Registration Day”

Voter Reg Day Students 18An important step in participating in the politics of our nations is  learning all you can – another is registering to vote.  Following is some information to help with both:

The National Voter Registration Day site  offers a wealth of information, including a clear explanation of why registering is so important and what your involvement can accomplish. Many can register to vote right on the site.

Rock the Vote Oldie


Rock the Vote is all about building political power for young people.Rock the VoteRock the Vote

National Twitter outlines why this may be the most important Voter Registration Day EVER (dramatic, but true!)

And ,of course, the Libraries has books for you to explore . . . a rich, vast, satisfying  assortment of books and resources on the subjects of voting, politics, political parties,  evaluating candidates and on and on.

Once such example comes highly endorsed by Libraries’ student employee Jose Gomez who shares, “Definitely one book that anyone should look into is American Political Thought  [which can be found] right at our Newcomb reading reserves.”

Jose explains, “Yes, it is a textbook, but in reality it is also a compilation of the greatest American thinkers of all time. People like Thomas Paine and Benjamin Franklin who paved the way at the birth of our nation and expressed the importance of being involved through Martin Luther King all the way up today with speeches by people such as President Barack Obama. It is really an invaluable resource because the one book, is many all wrapped in one.”

Uncle Sam Vote

So visit us in the Libraries to check out  American Political Thought, or one of the multitude of other selections that can help you absorb the information you need in order to vote with confidence.  And as always, contact a Librarian if we can assist you in your quest for knowledge!

And if you haven’t already registered to vote, today could be the day.

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2015 Marks 20 Years for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of this legendary institution, the September book of the month is LSD: The Library of Julio Santo Domingo.

(from LSD: the Library of Julio Santo Domingo)’
(from LSD: the Library of Julio Santo Domingo)’

The two volume set published in 2013 was written not just to celebrate a remarkable collection put together by a determined individual, but also to offer a scholarly overview of the subject matter involved.

LSD: the Library of Julio Santo Domingoby Peter Watts, is housed on the 2nd Floor of Bartle Library in Special Collections. (Call Number:  NX180.S6 W38 2013 v.1-2)

The Special Collections Department is open to the public weekdays from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm and by appointment.

More about the book can be found on the Special Colllections blog.


The Libraries also offers a multitude of books on the subject of Rock and Roll, including titles such as:

and many, many more – so visit us in person or online  . . .

Also worth visiting the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on Facebook

Rock N Roll HOFRock N Roll Hall of Fame  turns 20

 Photo taken Friday, September 1, 1995. (Mike Levy/The Plain Dealer)

And MORE than worth visiting the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum’s “Rock Hall” site,  if for nothing other than to hear the epic Jimi Hendrix version of the Star Bangled Banner (just in time for National Voter Registration Day tomorrow)!

Displaying (Photo courtesy of Rock Hall site)

If Jimi’s historic musical clip captured your interest and left you with the impossible-to-ignore, irresistible urge to read up on him,  the Libraries has a number of Hendrix biographies,  including:

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Grand Opening: Chinese Cultural Experience Center in Bartle Library

Chinese Cultural Event Sept 2015

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Understanding Library Loans: A Short Story

SL stacks 4 edited

It’s simple really:   We loan books, because we are givers.

Eventually though, sometimes sooner rather than later, we will want them back. Bring items back when they are due, or when we ask you to. Please and thank you.

 If you don’t bring items back: You’ll be fined.

  • Circulating books: $.50 per day to max of $15.00

  • Recalls and Non-circulating items: $1.00 per day to max of $15.00

  • Reserves:

    • Hour Loans: $.05 per minute to max of $50.00

    • Day Loans: $5.00 per day to max of $50.00

  • Videos/DVDs: $5.00 per day to max of $50.00

  • Journals: $5.00 per day to max of $50.00

  • Laptops: $.25 per minute -$2200.00 replacement fee after 24 hours

  • iPads: $.25 per minute-$350.00 replacement fee after 24 hours

If you hurt our stuff: You’ll be billed for the damage.  This includes writing in, underlining, highlighting, using the book as a drink coaster or as your puppy’s new chew toy.  Be nice.

Worst Case Scenarios:Baxter Oh No Face

  • You don’t return it, lose it, or damage it — you pay to replace it, and our minimum is $75.00 — ouch.

  • We block drop/add, registration, graduation, transcripts…double ouch.

The Good News!  Fines are totally avoidable:

  • We tell you when our stuff is due back when you check it out.

  • We tell you again 7 days in advance of it being due via email!

  • We even remind you again the day of!

  • If we need if back earlier for any reason, we give you 10 days advance warning, that’s pretty nice of us.

    Baxter Libraries  Wave

Why are we so nice? Because we are all in this together, see?  We’re partners.  Library books are for everyone!  

Access and availability is our mission, and making sure people have opportunities to find, discover, and use, (not abuse!), material is the end goal.

 Be a sport, follow the golden rule and bring your Binghamton University Libraries’ loans back on time and in good working order. Thanks!

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Welcome New Students – Join us in Bartle Library for an Informational and Festive Event!

Join us – Friday, August 28th from Noon – 2pm in Bartle Library

Event 2

 New students are invited to a fun, self-guided tour of the Library. Each stop provides a brief, overview of services and resources.  Snacks are on us, as are prizes and grand prizes, photo ops with Baxter the Bearcat and other opportunities to win free stuff! 

 Tour stops include:

  • Reader Services: See how generous our borrowing privileges are for books, films and more.
  • Research Help and Information Commons: Learn about library computer services and discover the many ways to get research help: in-person, by phone or virtually.
  • Library Stacks and Group Study: Become familiar with locating books on our shelves and reserving group study rooms online.
  • Special Collections: Enjoy an overview of our unique historical documents and rare books, including Civil War letters, late medieval manuscripts, University history and the oldest book in Broome County, New York.
  • Branch Locations:  Discover all that is available to you, in addition to Bartle resources, at our Science Library, University Downtown Center and Annex locations.
  • Bartle Instruction Lab: Find out how we support your individual and classroom learning experience, in a fun and memorable way!
  • Course Reserves:  Learn how to locate the course materials assigned to you by faculty and instructors.

We are excited to have you on campus and look forward to sharing our services and resources, as well as our food and prizes!

 Bring a friend! #BULibraries

 Event contact: Lisa Havtur @libpr@binghamton

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New Platform for Finding and Accessing Databases

Over the summer the Libraries migrated its Databases A-Z list and Browse Databases by Subject to the same platform used for our Subject Guides.

Databases can still be accessed from the Libraries’ homepage.  Click on the databases tab to either:

  • search for a specific database (e.g., SCOPUS)
  • browse databases alphabetically, or
  • browse databases by subject
Databases tab

Databases tab


Not sure what database to use?  Try the Places to Start category to access a selection of  scholarly, multi-disciplinary databases.

Please contact Ask a Librarian if you have any questions or concerns.

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Welcome Back – 10 Things about the Libraries!

Welcome back students!  10 things you should know about the Libraries:

Photo by Jonathan Cohen.

Photo by Jonathan Cohen.

1.  Seek assistance from subject specialists/librarians serving every discipline

2.  Utilize all four libraries:  BartleScienceUniversity Downtown CenterAnnex@Conklin

3. The Information Commons combines cutting-edge technology with a strong research collection }

4.  The Bartle Library is open 24/5 during the fall and spring semesters

5.  Laptop/netbook/ipad lending program

6.  Undergraduates may check out up to 100 items; Faculty and Graduates – up to 200 items

7.  Read the library blogsFacebook and Twitter for news about the Libraries

8.  Get items we do not have through Interlibrary Loan

9.  Chat, visit in-person, Skype or text message a librarian for help

10. Renew materials online or at the service desk

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