Congratulations 2015 Graduates!

 Baxter Libraries  Wave Commencement Happy Group
             From all of us in the Libraries: 
 It has been an honor and a pleasure to have supported you in your educational goals throughout these important years in your lives. 
  Wishing you all the best as you move forward into your futures, which are sure to be as bright, inspiring and individual as each of you!
Library Spring SummerStudents in the LibrariesCommencement Mom and Son cropped
          To the proud parents, family and friends of this year’s graduates: 

We invite you to consider a donation to Binghamton University Libraries in recognition of this milestone accomplishment. 

Click here to learn how you can demonstrate a continued love for learning through your meaningful gift.   

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Graduating Student Employee Profile: Emily Eng

Emily Eng lllSC Blog ShotEmily and Crew on River

Meet Emily Eng:  Student Employee, Binghamton University Libraries;  Graduating Binghamton Student (Double Majoring in History and Philosophy, Politics, and Law and Minoring in Business Management, School of Management Adjunct); President of the Binghamton Crew and former Political Intern in the New Jersey Governor’s Office.

Curator of Rare Books and Special Collections Supervisor Beth Kilmarx first met Emily in an undergraduate Latin class in the fall of 2013 and over time,  supervised some of her friends. So last semester, when the opportunity arose, Beth was happy to add Emily to the Libraries’ Special Collections team as a student employee.

The fit seems to have been a good one with supervisor Beth noting that Emily is “an excellent student worker…who pays close attention to detail” and Emily reporting that “…the overall environment truly made me feel comfortable.”

EmilyEmily shares the nature of her work in the Libraries, which has “…mostly been cataloging and for lack of a better word rehousing the Double Oversized books and sorting through a collection that was donated by the [late] Professor Al Dekin.”

For more about former Binghamton Anthropology Chair and Professor Al Dekin, his love of books and the challenges of academic research:
 LibraryLinks (Page 7) and Anthropology Newsletter (Page 3)

In addition to its value to the University, Emily’s work offered her guidance in an important life decision; helping her recognize that “…history is still an area where I might want to start a career in.”  This is significant, she explains because “…coming into senior year, I was faced with two primary career paths… one was in law and the other was as a curator of a museum.”  Her Special Collections experience provided her a realistic “…insight into what it would be like to pursue a career in history” and now she knows that this is “what I would definitely like to try to do…”

When asked for her view as a Libraries insider as to the most important service for students, Emily responds, “as cheesy as it sounds, the most important Libraries’ service for students lies within Special Collections.”  Adding with some surprise that “many students don’t know the collections that lie within the department and how interesting they are!”

Visit the Libraries’ Special Collections soon and see the treasures within for yourself!

  SC FSC Digital Collage

Emily’s post-graduation world remains open she is happy with that.  One can understand why, as her plan is to “… backpack through Europe for a month and then return and hopefully find a job!”  Considering supervisor Beth’s wistful observation “… if I could, I would hire her full time,” finding employment is not likely to be a post-European obstacle for Emily.

Congratulations, Emily!  The faculty and staff of the Libraries thank you for your hard work this semester and wish you all the best as you move into your future life.

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Librarian Anne Larrivee: Focus of this week’s “Beyond The Classroom” video series

Whether working in the Peace Corps. . .


or working in the library at Binghamton . . .

anne larrivee teaching




Anne Larrivee loves to help people.

Hear about this Librarian’s passion in this week’s Beyond the Classroom:

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Graduating Student Employee Profile: Corey Futterman

Corey Futterman Gets Graphic
Corey Futterman Updated

Many have recommended “dressing for the job you aspire to have” as one road to success.  And although no stranger to strategic dressing, Corey Futterman takes this to the next level by not only dressing the part, but performing it through his work as a student employee in the University Libraries

Corey graduates from Binghamton this spring with a degree in Graphic Design, however; in addition to his student responsibilities and his work in the Libraries, Corey is already working in the field, and in more than one role.

Freelancing as the Art Director for Research Connection, a Binghamton University based start-up; Corey is responsible for creating and overseeing art and design-related projects. He also works full time as the Assistant Design Manager for the popular student publication, Pipe Dream.

David Vose, Associate Librarian and Corey’s supervisor, shares his observation that not only is Corey “a very talented graphic artist…” but that, “from the start, he demonstrated professionalism, excellent listening skills, and great project management abilities.”

News Magazine CoverCompleted projects include the development of  detailed print maps of all three Libraries locations, published work in the Libraries’ annual news publication,  the development of the new “Ask a Librarian” logo As a Librarian and the list continues.

Corey points to the creation of the Libraries’ print maps, a project he spent considerable time working on, as one of his most gratifying accomplishments.  To access: INDEX PAGE OF ALL MAPS  or BARTLE MAPS

Working in the Libraries offered Corey an opportunity to learn Adobe Illustrator and to add graphic design pieces to his portfolio. He appreciates both, recognizing “the assistance this may provide for graduate school applications, as well as in his professional future.”

Tip of Iceberg

Tip of the Libraries’ Iceberg by Corey Futterman

When asked what he will miss most about his time in the Libraries, Corey reflects that he will miss “seeing my work published and on display.”  (Considering what he know of his talent, we suspect it will not be long until his work is displayed elsewhere!)

Not surprisingly, Corey has already been offered, and has accepted, a position as a Graphic Designer near his home town in New Jersey.  Congratulations, Corey!  From all of us, but especially from Dave who called it early with his observation that even, “…in the competitive field of graphic art, I am confident the he will find success.”

The faculty and staff of the Libraries offer Corey sincere thanks for all he has accomplished, in addition to their warmest congratulations and best wishes for the future!


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Graduating Student Employee Profile: Craig Babcock

Craig Babcock: Preserving University History

Craig Babcock May 2015

Although such time-consuming, careful work may not be for everyone, it obviously holds great appeal for Craig – as evidenced by his contented smile while working with his favorite “Bookeye” scanner!

Craig credits his first supervisor, former University Metadata Librarian Rachel Jaffe, for his early realization that the Libraries was the place he wanted to be as a student employee at Binghamton- he’s been there ever since.

When contacted about contributing to this article, Rachel responded, from her office across the country, “funny timing . . . I was just telling a colleague here about Craig and how great he is!”

Rachel recalls how impressed she was that “while information science is outside of Craig’s area of study, he was always interested in the bigger picture and understood how his work . . . fit into the larger mission of the library.”

Working in the Digitization Lab, Craig’s efforts ensure the long-term preservation of a number of University records.  He has spent countless hours transferring existing digital campus content, (including Dateline, Inside,  photography and archives, and much more), then moving that information to the Libraries’ digital preservation system, Rosetta, in Portable Document Format (PDF).  This transition to a digitized format provides enhanced access and searchability for all users.

Rachel believes that Craig’s contribution “was essential to our metadata and digital preservation efforts.”   This is an opinion echoed by a recent supervisor, former Director of Library Technology Edward Corrado, who observes, “Craig is a huge asset to the University Libraries. He has developed and documented workflows and we would not be as far along with preserving the institutional memory of Binghamton University if it were not for him.”

Craig will be among those graduating in May, having earned a bachelor’s degree in Integrative Neuroscience.  He intends to enter the field of nursing, possibly as a Nurse Practitioner; with more immediate plans to gain experience through work in a hospital setting, preferably here in the Northeast.

As a student who had at one point wondered if he was perhaps “not built for college,” Craig has achieved impressive success indeed; contributing significantly, not only to the work of the Libraries, but also to Binghamton University through his dedicated efforts to preserve its history.

The faculty and staff of the Libraries offer Craig their sincere thanks, congratulations and best wishes for a future that gives every indication of being very bright!

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It’s Library Assistants’ Day!

Lib Assist Day - Group 1

Today, the Libraries pays tribute to each valued member its support staff in honor of Library Assistants’ Day!

Visit the Libraries’ Facebook  page and add your own positive service experiences, thoughts and wishes as we celebrate our library assistants and all they do to keep operations moving forward for the faculty, staff and students at Binghamton.

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New Dean of the Libraries Named

Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs Donald Nieman announces that Curtis Kendrick, University Dean for Libraries and Information Resources at the City University of New York (CUNY), will become dean of libraries at Binghamton University, effective July 15, 2015.

Curtis brings a wealth of experience in outstanding research libraries to Binghamton,” Nieman said. “He is creative and collaborative and will work well with faculty, staff and students in the Libraries and across campus. I know that members of our community will enjoy getting to know him just as much as I have during the interview process.”

Curtis Kendrick“I am delighted for this opportunity to join Binghamton University as dean of libraries,” said Kendrick. “The libraries have a critical leadership role to play as Binghamton becomes the premier public university of the 21st century, and it is an exciting time to be joining the University.

For the complete story:
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